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EMCC Global Individual Team Coaching Accreditation- ITCA


Team coaching focuses on helping the team collectively achieve the team’s work in terms of both task work and team work through a sustained PROFESSIONAL DIALOGUE that raises the individual and collective level of reflection and self-awareness, and challenges the team’s thinking and behaviours as they develop their own sustainable solutions and practices.

Twelve professional team coaching core standards are identified by EMCC Global, following extensive consultation and evidence based research.

The EMCC Global ITCA sets very high standards and is recognised as a GOLD STANDARD team coach accreditation worldwide.

It raises standards and professionalism in team coaching by:

-Setting high standards in assessment criteria
-Measuring ability, behaviours, knowledge and skills against evidence-based frameworks for assessment
-Recognising validated prior learning and experience
-Using reliable and rigorous assessment processes ‘for’ and ‘in’ learning
-Securing a professional, reflective, dynamic inquiry approach
-Ensuring a commitment to continuous professional development, reflective practice and supervision
-The EMCC Global Accreditation Standards and Assessment Criteria, to celebrate and regulate practice, are supported by a range of performance indicators, recognising the strength of the EMCC Global Accreditation ‘holistic’ and ‘dynamic inquiry’ approach to assessment and lifelong learning.

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