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EMCC Global Quality Award – EQA

The EMCC Global Quality Award – EQA is the EMCC Global accreditation award for coaching and/or mentoring education and training programmes delivered by EMCC Global Accredited Providers. Programmes attaining the EMCC Global EQA are recognised by EMCC Global as having met stringent professional standards and assessment criteria. EMCC Global EQA Programme Assessment and Accreditation Standards are set by EMCC Global and are consistent across other EMCC Global accreditation offerings, for example the EMCC Global Team Coaching Quality Award – TCQA for the accreditation of team coaching education and training. They also align to the General Quality Standards which were established as part of the Higher Education Bologna process (1999) and the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) and European Association for Quality Assurance (ENQA) standards

Benefits of the EMCC Global Quality Award – EQA
• Providers of coaching and/or mentoring education and training gain the objectivity of an external audit which supports reflection on, and hence optimisation of, programme design
• The award of a recognised quality mark of excellence against agreed criteria for the delivery of education and training programmes, is enhancing to provider reputation in the marketplace.
• Individuals and/or organisations seeking to select a programme of education and training for supervision can be assured about the rigour and professionalism of programmes holding the EMCC Global Quality Award – EQA.

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