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EMCC Global EIA, ESIA, ITCA and IPMA – Principles and Context
The EMCC Global Executive Board agreed the renewal principles (for both EMCC Global Quality Programmes and Individual Accreditations) in July 2014; updated in September 2020 and October 2021.
Renewal will be every five years from the date of the award.
The EMCC Global Accreditation is a *dynamic inquiry reflective process of on-going practice as a coach, mentor, team coach, programme manager, leader and supervisor.
Being a reflective practitioner is at the core of the EMCC Global Accredited professional practice.
The EMCC Global Accreditation Renewal process is underpinned by principles of self-regulation, ownership and responsibility of the applicant as an accredited professional to maintain records of practice as agreed in the EMCC Global Individual Accreditation and professional Designation Declaration.
The EMCC Global Individual Accreditation Renewal (EIA-R; also ESIA-R, ITCA-R, IPMA-R) requires confirmation that the applicant continues to mentor and/or coach, is in a process of supervision, attends to his/her own professional development, and continues to abide by the Global Code of Ethics, the EMCC Global Diversity & Inclusion declaration, and the EMCC Global Supervision guidance.
EMCC Global Accreditation/s and Professional Designations will continue to be held unless there is a reason to withdraw them.
Where relevant, the principle of equivalence will apply including Code of Ethics provision.

*Refer to document on Reflection and Reflexivity as a dynamic inquiry of professional practice